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this is your weekend update, I'm Kevin Nealon... [Apr. 12th, 2005|03:30 am]
[Current Music |Pavement: "Major Leagues"]

(just kidding, I'm no Kevin Nealon. I'd love to be, tho...)

Left for Lansing around 8-ish & made it to the show by 10. Not bad. Got in there & found Vic (everyonealive) and his (now fiance, Krissy) at a table. Hung with them for awhile & tried to get them to call off sick to their jobs the next day for the show in Flint, that was a no-go, tho. They never showed up. Boo. Then a few minutes later, Erin (jperry924) walked in w/ her friends Kristi & Emily. I had asked Erin the week prior to go, but didn't think in a million years she would actually show up. Later, I found out her friends wanted to see one of the openers, Studiotone - who in my opinion sucked a cheetah's dick. So, we hung out at the bar during their set & talked U2-type stuff. I think her and I could probably go on for hours about that band. Altho I am in no way near her level of fandom... she eclipses me, there. I had accidently left my digital camera w/ her & her friends right before Local H went on - and they thought it would be funny to take random shots, including their crotch. Strange. Anyway, here is Erin:

She's all like "Dewey, I want you soooo bad.."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know.

Local H ended up going on and kicked things off with a loud, agressive rendition of "No Fun" & had the crowd from there. Whoever was doing sound for show sucked, tho. For the first 25-30 mins of the set, Scott's vocals could hardly be heard, and when they could be - the mic was overloading. So whenever he screamed, it would distort very heavily. When they switched microphones, that seemed to resolve the issue. You can view more pics & read the reviews from this show here. And you can see a really cool picture here. Hehe.

After the show, Scott was telling me he would be glad to let me borrow some of his personal videotapes from his collection as long as I can get them out among the community to share on DVD. How neat is that? That got me really excited. Just to be able to watch him and Joe perform pre-1997 would be priceless. After the show, I followed my friend Brent back to Flint to stay there for the show Saturday night. We hit up this 24hr restaurant called Archie's, and then went back to his place & went to sleep. I do have to say out of all the apartments I've been to - he had the coolest layout. Posters from Veruca Salt, Bush, framed Local H, Nirvana, etc - it was amazing. Here was my favorite poster he had:

pretty cool, huh? I wanted that - but I figured he would notice if I took it down off his wall, rolled it up & walked out with it. He also had a pretty cool "Serendipity" poster. Yes, I liked "Serendipity", so what... its Cusack - I love that guy. The movie could be him taking a nap, and I'd probably love it. The guy is great. If I had to think about it, he's probably my favorite actor.

We had some time to kill before Local H were to load in and begin soundcheck, so we went and checked out:

"Fever Pitch"

which was a really good flick. Well worth the $5 or whatever it cost to get in. Jimmy Fallon is such a like-able character, and Drew Barrymore - well after I saw "The Wedding Singer", I've always enjoyed watching her if placed correctly in a given role. I don't think I've ever seen J. Fallon in any kind of leading role in a major motion picture - he did a really great job. I'd recommend this movie to anyone, honestly. It would be a great date movie. I don't know how one couldn't like it. Then we headed to the club & watched the guys soundcheck & set everything up.

They performed "Manipulator".

Onto the show, the openers all pretty much sucked. There was one band that sounded EXACTLY like Iron Maiden, it almost scared me. I couldn't believe it. I've never been a big Maiden fan, so I wasn't impressed. Most of the crowd dug 'em, tho. I met this guy there who had this large expensive (I'm guessing) camera around his neck, and he was pratically documenting the whole night in photo-form. He was taking pictures of everyone in the club, and all the bands of whom were performing. I checked his site yesterday, & found Brent & myself,

And everyone else is up there on his site.

Local H opened up w/ "Everyone Alive" on Saturday night & completely changed the setlist around. It was kinda neat. They really only repeated the "hits" from the previous night, and played a bunch of stuff they haven't done since last fall, live. "No Problem" is always a favorite to hear, and they nailed it on Saturday perfectly. The guy I was speaking of above got some really great pictures, which you may view here. You can read the reviews & see some of my pictures here. Mine don't compare, tho.
After the show, I started driving and somewhere in Milan, Michigan (maybe 30mins from home), I pulled off 23S to take an hour nap, because I couldn't even see the road anymore I was so tired. So, I parked in this lot off the exit - and I was sleeping with my blankey over me (that I had conveniently brought ) - when all of the sudden maybe 30mins into being out... I hear this LOUD knock on my window. It scared the bejesus out of me, and I jumped up almost hitting my head. Anyway, it was a police officer checking everything out. God, they really must have nothing to do. Blah. Anyway, he was super-nice, and told me he was glad I had pulled off, because most people try to tough it out. He just wanted to see what was going on, and then told me to "sleep it off" before I pulled back on the road. By that point, I wasn't tired anymore - I had to answer all of his cop-questions, (ie: was I drinking, where was I, what I was doing, where was I going, etc). Got home in Toledo around 5 & crashed.

Slept as much as I could & headed out around 6-ish for Cleveland. Got there around 8-ish, and found out there were like 5 bands opening for Local H. Ugh. I hate that. I met up with my friend Todd (who drove all the way from eastern PA) & got a water at the bar. As we were talking, I saw my ex-gf Melissa - which was weird. I dont know why, and its not her fault - but seeing her got me all depressed, and feeling weird all night. I think cuz part of me wanted to say hi really bad, and part of me didn't. I still feel odd about the whole "seeing her again" thing. It had been like 2 years since I had seen her last, so that just added to it. I ended up ignoring her, she was with friends & we both knew we were there anyway.

Local H didn't end up taking the stage until after 1130pm (or so) & played a setlist more similiar to Friday nights with a few alterations here & there. I thought it would be a super-early show w/ doors around 630. Boy was I wrong.
After Local H finished, I found out this guy, Har-Mar Superstar was doing a special free post-show gig upstairs - so I checked it out for a little while. I had actually caught him back w/ Superdrag in 2001, and he was one of the funniest acts I've ever seen. If you don't know who he is, you are missing out. It's fucking great. He's not someone you watch for the music, its his whole "act" - its truly unique, and uhm... different, haha. After he was done, I said goodbye to Scott & Brian & headed to the car to go home. Got home around 4am or so... and (once again) crashed. Go figure. You can view more pics & read the reviews from the 4-10-05 show here.

Now that the week is here, I need to finish my taxes. They are due Friday! Ahhh!!! Still haven't heard back from that lawfirm yet, altho I have hope - they promised me they would get back to me. Just have to wait, I suppose. I really, really want a job. Soon.

Pavement's "Terror Twilight" is so beautiful.
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new site. [Apr. 8th, 2005|04:55 pm]
[Current Music |silence. -odd-]


Ok, after spending close to 2 days working on this, I think I'm close to achieving what I was originally trying to do. It's in no way complete, I still haven't added pictures from 2002 & on yet. These are pretty much what I had lying around in shoeboxes, photo albums & whatnot. So yeah... feel free to take a look. I'm going to FWD it mainly to family, and long-time friends.

Tonight is Local H in Lansing, Michigan - then tomorrow is Flint. I'll be home sometime Sunday. Still not 100% on if I'm going to Cleveland to see them at Peabody's Sunday night. Maybe if gas comes down.
*sunday edit*
what the hell, im off to cleveland tonight.

Everyone enjoy this weather - its super nice. 60 & sunny.
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scanner-time. [Apr. 4th, 2005|04:50 am]
[Current Music |Mark Lanegan - "Hit The City"]

The past few days I have been going through all of these pictures of myself dating back to like 1980. A lot of you guys have asked me to put up old pictures, so I just ordered a semi-decent scanner off the net to throw these pictures online. I'm probably going to post everything from when I was a baby to grade school pics to jr. high (prolly skip early highschool, I looked like a fucktard in that period) - and go up thru senior prom. I also found some pictures from trips (Mostly Daytona, and New York stuff) I took w/ my friends Chris, Steve & Will from the summer of 1999, and 2000.
There are actually pictures of me w/ my dad - which is like uncovering a holy grail. Most of you know I haven't spoken or seen my dad since mid-1993. Some of my best friends dont even know what the guy looks like - and whats even more scary is... when I look at him, I see myself. Its weird, I've never felt that way before. So, look for those soon.

Sunday was a cool day in the world of sports. Not that I really follow sports much anymore, but in the Bronx - The Yankees held opening night (which I wasn't even aware of till tonight) -

Hideki Matsui had three hits, including a homer, for the Yanks.

They ended up beating the fuck out of the Boston Red Sox 9-2. Doesn't make up for last fall, but its a start. I really want to go to a Yankees home game this summer. I think if I go out to Nyc to see that Local H "boat-show" on Sunday the 12th, I'll stay to see the Yanks on Tuesday night. We'll see. I'd really love to be able to do that.
In other semi-sports news... the driver I somewhat follow in Nascar, Kevin Harvick actually won a race yesterday.

My best-friend Joel is actually the one whos really into the whole Nascar thing, but I grew to like the guy over the past few years, because he doesn't give a shit about anyone, and thats cool. He grabs people by the throat, yells, has no friends in the sport, & is aggressive as all hell. Since Ive been watching him off & on since like mid-02, I've only seen him win like one race on TV. (Aug. 2003). Today was extra special, tho.... not only did he win (which never happens, I usually watch the race cuz Joel does, and get bored out of my mind seeing that cockslob Dale Jr. win...) - but it was at the best track in the sport, Bristol Motor Speeday [Bristol, TN]. Why was it even more special? Joel actually had driven the 11 hours down there w/ his girlfriend to see this race. He called me from the track after he saw his idol win the race, and was the happiest I have ever heard him. I've known this guy for 11+ years.... thats pretty cool. Out of all the races to pick to go to - he saw his favorite driver win on his favorite track.... if you are a fan of Nascar, I guess thats the best it can get right there. I doubt Joel will ever have this happen to him again. I dont talk about Nascar much, because I get the whole "you must be white trailer-trash who has sex with his cousin" crap - which is not true. I'm sure most of the fans of the sport are like that , but I hate being associated w/ it. I'm quite the opposite. I don't even like cars, I dont know anything about them. Nascar is actually a really cool and complex thing to watch once you get into it, and sometimes people brush it off as cars that just turn left. Eh, to each their own - but it's not. Plus, its something to watch on Sunday - when there is nothing to do. Sundays suck, as most of you already know. I have never been to a race (dont plan on going to one anytime soon, unless its down in Bristol) - but I have met Kevin. Maybe I'll scan that picture in w/ the ones above when I get time. He was a pretty cool guy, and I actually got him laughing making some crazy comment only I could come up with on the spot. The only rock show he had seen when I talked to him was the Goo Goo Dolls @The Metro in Chicago - he needs to see the H, before I talk music w/ him again. The Goo Goo Dolls are decent (used to be great circa '95), but c'mon.

*later edit*

what makes it even more special??
Kevin Harvick won the Busch minor-league race today down at Bristol to sweep the entire wkd. Joel was there for that, too. Incredible.

Anyway, I'm going to head off here.... Ive been up all day today, and I'm not sleepy. Damn, I think I'm getting back on my 3rd shift schedule again. Its like my body is automatically adjusted to it the more I fight it. What the hell. I couldn't fall asleep right now if I was put under a local anaesthetic by Mr. Kevorkian.

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Brian Vander Ark: Archbold 4.2.05 [Apr. 3rd, 2005|03:25 am]
[Current Music |Brian Vander Ark: "Out Like A Lamb" (live - 4-2-05)]

Review, source info, mp3, & pictures...Collapse )
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Fuck Netflix. [Apr. 2nd, 2005|03:26 pm]
[Current Music |Tonic: "You Wanted More"]

If they "shipped" a DVD to me on Thursday from their distribution center in Cleveland, there is no way in hell it would take 6 days to get here over a wkd. Cleveland is 2 hours from my door. It seems w/ Netflix since they have gotten a trillion-billon new members in the past year - they have been slacking on their shipping. Im about to cancel & try something different.

They are ringing bells on tv, I think the pope is dead. bummmer.
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job update. [Apr. 2nd, 2005|11:00 am]
[Current Mood |awake]
[Current Music |Elton John: "Grey Seal"]

So, everyones been asking me about this - so I will just throw it up here to save typing and talking. I had a job interview yesterday w/ Gallon & Takacs Law here in Toledo, Ohio. I applied to work in the file center and or/ any computer-related position they may have had open. My friend Anita works there as a legal secretary, and she put in a good word for me, and they had phoned me for an interview immediately after receiving my resume last week. Thats good, right? Anyway, I have been on my standard 3rd shift sleeping pattern as of late.. which is go to bed around 9/10am, and wake up around 5/6ish. Since my interview was set for 2pm on Friday, I knew this was a bad thing. Thats like a normal person having an interview at like 4am! So I had a brilliant idea of staying up all night and morning Friday before my interview. I even went out to Kohls and got some new clothes, so I looked damn good for my interview. It went well - I went in there, and Adele (who interviewed me) and I had actually met before at a picnic we both attended last summer. Her husband and I got along real well, because he had a Yankees hat on. So, I had some points on the board already. She asked me the standard interview-type questions which everyone gets... "hopes, aspirations, why do you want to work here, where do you see yourself in 5 years, why should we hire you, your strenghts/weaknesses", etc. We also talked about my hobbies, and my love for live music, recording, and the work I have spent in theater production in highschool & college. Then we spoke about my last job, and all of my duties there... which she didn't understand any of. Oh well, I didn't really expect her to. I think I really impressed her. Atleast it seemed like I did. Afterall, I was only applying to work in the file center pretty much, I might have actually sounded over-qualified for such a standard position. I ended up talking w/ her for nearly 30mins about the job, and I asked her a lot of questions about the lawfirm and their history there. Everything went really well - and she told me that she was definitley interested in hiring me, and that they will let me know by Friday of this coming week. So, I guess there is still a chance I wont get this job - but if they don't hire me, they are insane.

Anyway, after the interview - it was like 3something & was still awake. I spoke w/ Chris & decided we were going to do something last night. I was approaching 24hours of being awake at this point, but still going strong. We ended up meeting up w/ an old friend Aaron at Arnies over on Secor, and just hanging for a couple of hours. I only see Aaron once in a great while, so that was nice. After that, we met up w/ Chris' cousin Christian, his girlfriend Tina, & her friend whose name I forgot (whoops!) at Jeds out on South Reynolds. We were there till about 130am and I was getting really sleepy. Chris had bought me this Cherry Bomb last night (it had Red Bull, plus 3 Olive Cherry vodka), so that extended my "hang-out" time by a little. I got home around 2, and just crashed. I was up for a total of 32 hours without sleep. Not the longest I've gone (lord knows Ive been up near 48 traveling to see Local H), but still exhausting. I woke up at like 830 this morning refreshed, and feeling better.

Tonight, I am taping Brian Vander Ark (yet again) in Archbold, Ohio and I have an extra ticket. I still do not know who I am going with. I need to figure this out. It's this special benefit concert thats closed to the public, so it should be cool to da max. I'll post pics and all of that good stuff tomorrow or something.

Oh, and this isn't THAT great by any means - but, it was still cell-phone picture-worthy in a funny severe acute respiratory syndrome-ish kinda way,

Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" (Deluxe Edish) is a great record.
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Guaranteed to make your heart stop after 2 bites... [Mar. 30th, 2005|08:10 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |Billy Joel: "This Is The Time"]

The all-new Enormous Omelet Sandwich.
More here: http://money.cnn.com/2005/03/28/news/midcaps/burgerking_breakfast/
Is it bad I want to try one now? I haven't even had BK breakfast since high school.

Lazy-ass Dewey gets a new job? I'll know more after 2pm this Friday.
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the night of easter eve - [Mar. 27th, 2005|05:45 am]
[Current Mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[Current Music |Simplicity: "Chocolate Town" (live - 3-26-05)]

I ended up having a really good time last night.

here's what happened...Collapse )
Everyone enjoy their easter, and I won't post the picture of the cute littl' bunny again this year..... Hehe...
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neato. [Mar. 26th, 2005|07:00 pm]
[Current Music |U2: "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me"]

Scott Lucas of Local H played an all acoustic set in Chicago last night opening up for Suffrajett. Jason Bennett over @getaroundrecords.com took a few really neat photos & here is one of them:

Tonight I am taping a Michigan band, Simplicity. I have never heard one of their songs before (other than short clips), but I am doing it out of respect for James - the man who I owe my taping existence to.
More on that later. I gotta run.
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right on. [Mar. 24th, 2005|12:00 am]
[Current Music |Tom Petty: "The Last DJ"]

On another note, Happy 21st Birthday, Tom.
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